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Situations faced


Some of the comments from clients John has faced on starting assignments include:


  • Our bankers want their money back, but we are under increasing pressure and need a larger overdraft. I don't know what to do.


  • We need a £1m increase in our overdraft facility because the bank reconciliation we did was incorrect.


  • The accountant I told you would be here on your first day to go though the accounts with you walked out on Friday.


  •  5 of our cheques bounced this morning and one of our bank accounts has been frozen.


  • One of our hauliers is in reception demanding payment and won't leave until he's seen the Finance Director.









  • The Finance Director and Managing Director were arrested last week on fraud charges...and there is a plan for our main customer to move their business elsewhere this month.


  • We haven't produced any management accounts for 4 months.


  • We put the other manufacturing site into Administration 10 days ago and our creditors are demanding payment for supplies in advance.



          These situations / comments are exactly the sort of

          challenges we thrive on.