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In turnaround situations the needs of many different stakeholders have to be considered. The sorts of questions often being asked are shown below:


Will the bank continue to support us?


How do we ensure our position doesn't worsen?
How do we protect our Investment?


How can someone who doesn't know our company as well as us, help us?

Should we lend any more money?


How do we maximise the value of our shares?
What is our personal position if the company fails?
Is there a viable business that can be saved?


May take a greater interest in the business?


How can we afford to bring someone in when we are at our overdraft level?
Does management need strengthening?


What is management doing to protect the business?



Likely to know company has problems


Some/all may be unaware of the company's situation May also be unaware of the company's situation
Will their jobs survive?


May wish to reduce the amount of credit given Will want company to survive


Is management displaying necessary leadership? Will their credit insurance be withdrawn?


How do we ensure our own business isn't harmed?
Will want uncertainty minimised


Will be concerned at prospect of losing a customer May seek alternative suppliers